Equation of a Circle: Advanced Topics

Equation of a Circle: Advanced Topics

Author: Alex G

After completing this packet you will be able to:
*Rewrite any equation for a circle in standard form
*Find the center and radius of any circle, given its equation

This packet includes a short video about completing the square to find the standard form of a circle and then a set of practice problems (with solutions) for you to complete on your own.

Cover art for this packet was taken from the Morgue File website at http://www.morguefile.com
Morgue File allows use of its images for creative work.

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Are You New to Circles?

This packet assumes that you are familiar with finding the center and the radius of a circle, given the standard form of an equation for a circle.  You can find this lesson in my packet "Equation of a Circle: Introduction"

Statement of Purpose

Completing the Square Steps

These steps will also be explained in the videos.

Example 1

Explanation of Example 1

Example 2

Explanation of Example 2

Example 3

Explanation of Example 3

Practice Problems

Complete these problems to test your fluency. Make sure you complete the problem before you advance the slideshow to the complete solution