Equations of Graphs of Proportional Relationships Involving Fractions - 7.1 - Lesson 15

Equations of Graphs of Proportional Relationships Involving Fractions - 7.1 - Lesson 15

Author: Todd Parks

Student Outcomes:

  • Students use equations and graphs to represent proportional relationships arising from ratios and rates involving fractions.
  • They interpret what points on the graph of the relationship mean in terms of the situation or context of the problem.

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Unit Rate and Graphing Fractional Ordered Pairs

In the real world, we know that numbers don't come out nice and even all of the time.  Think about when you buy something...usually you pay with some sort of dollar currency and you get change back.  That 'change' that you receive back is the fraction of $1.

In this lesson we need to know how to graph fractions and mixed numbers that are a part of ordered pairs, and understand what those fractions mean in regards to the presented math problems situation.

An example would be buying 1 hotdog for $1.50.  We would say that it costs $1.50 per hotdog.  But if we bought 5 hotdogs, what does 7 1/2 mean on a graph?  Well, ...it means that we pay $7.50 for 5 hotdogs, hence the ordered pair (5, 7 1/2)

Interactive Lesson with Mr. Parks' Hints

Below is an interactive document that students can use to help them learn from and draw correct conclusions from. Be sure to move your mouse pointer over Mr. Parks' 'sticky notes' HINTS!

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Blank Printable Copy of Lesson 15

Download and open to print the lesson below. Be sure to bring in the completed practice to school, or check your work with the uploaded notes / completed questions below.

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Completed Lesson 15 - From Class

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