Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions


SWBAT find equivalent fractions for any given fraction using the rule of multiplication.

By viewing the videos provided, students will understand that fractions are part of a whole. Students will understand that fractions (whether big or small) can equate to the same amount.

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Finding equivalent fractions

When identifying equivalent fractions remember two things: multiply  and the rule of "Whatever you do to the top, you MUST do to the bottom". So for example if I want to find an equivalent fraction to 2/3 I can multiply both top and the bottom by any number I choose. If I choose 2 then I would multiply 2 by 2 (the numerator) and then 3 times 2 (the denominator) my final answer would be 4/6. And 4/6 is an equivalent fraction to 2/3

How to find equivalent fractions

After watching the friend's video about gold, here is an example on solving for equivalent fractions. In this video (also of a flipped classroom) you are given step-by-step instructions on how to find equivalent fractions.

This video demonstrates how fractions (no matter how cut) are still part of a whole. Two friends fight over the amount of gold that each get. They soon realize that by joining smaller pieces together they can make a whole out of smaller portions.