Ergogenic Aids/Performance Enhancing Drugs

Ergogenic Aids/Performance Enhancing Drugs

Author: Jordan Thompson

High School Physical Education Course 2

2.9 Identify and evaluate ergogenic aids that claim to enhance body composition, appearance, physical fitness, and performance.

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Effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Watch the video that accompanies the information on this page and become familiar with the effects of performance enhancing drugs.

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Ergogenic Aids in Sports (Performance enhancing drugs)

Performance enhancing drugs have infiltrated the sports world! Certain types of ergogenic aids have been used by professional athletes. This is a hot topic in sports today. Click here for a timeline of events.

Be sure to watch the video on this page as well.

Source: Performance enhancing drugs in sports fast facts (2015). CNN. Retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/06/us/performance-enhancing-drugs-in-sports-fast-facts/

Types of Ergogenic Aids

Here is a list and brief explanation of some types of ergogenic aids. Go over the different types, and know the difference between healthy and dangerous ones.

Types of Ergogenic Aids

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