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Essay: Google Audit

Essay: Google Audit

Author: michael ritchey

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Essay must include

A abstract 

6 pages of full content 
APA Format 
12 Point Times New Roman 
Please cite the sources within the essay 

Minimum of 8  sources (most need to be from journal articles) 

The paper must synthesizes the research that you have found and present the position on the subject below. 
The Strategic Audit of a Corporation framework by Wheelen, Hunger, &  Hoffman (2018) is a suitable framework to conduct a strategic audit for any type of business.

-Discuss what the Strategic Audit of a corporation framework is. 
-Conduct a mini audit on Google. 
     *brief history of company and their strategic posture. 
     *Talk about their current performance. How did they perform the past year? 
     *whats their current mission statement, objective, strategies, and polices? 
     *who is on the board of directors? Do they own shares of stock? Is it a private or publicly traded company? 
      *summary of internal factors. And summary of external factors. 
-Advantages of conducting a strategic audit
-Disadvantages of a strategic audit
-Highlight why it's suitable for businesses to conduit this type of audit. 
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