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Essay topics make excellent writing prompts

Essay topics make excellent writing prompts

Author: Tom Anderson

Students are given writing prompts for preparing an essay. However, the topics assigned take the shape of these prompts as students are asked to expand these topic areas, to write a complete essay. Therefore, they should remember that essay prompts can be generated randomly by the students also, as they do a little brainstorming to find out an excellent reason to write a story, blog or an essay.

While the following topics can be expanded as prompts for writing an essay. Experts from Perfect Essay say that students must also go through papers like book review essays and analytical essays to understand how the topics and prompts change with the type of essay. For example, if the essay is a business dissertation, then its topic would be related to finance, marketing or business organization and hence the prompts for such essays will be different from those required for writing an art essay.

A place that has left a lifelong impact on your mind

This is one of the essay writing prompts that catches the fancy of many young writers. Usually, students have a memorable fascination about a certain place, which they might have visited as a child. The impact of such a visit remains in their mind, lifelong, as they wish to visit it again, many times.

Students can describe the beauty of such a place, in their own perspective. However, they must try to make the details unique and special, adding their own experiences about the specialty of this visit.

Your best quality that has remained consistent

As quality is an attribute, which remains with the person throughout his or her life, students should describe how such characteristics of their personality did not change, even under the most challenging circumstances. The students should describe this writing prompt by watching their own lifestyle and daily activities, as the personality traits become visible during such activities to those around us. Therefore, detailing the observation of others about your qualities would be a sort of evidential proof in support of your essay topic and viewpoint.

Your innovative skill

As one of the interesting essay topics, students can describe, here, about their ambition to invent new ideas, theories or scientific gadgets. The essay should be written in such a manner that it gives readers the idea of the information level that students have on the research area of the chosen topic along with the soundness of the new proposed invention.

However, this would require a lot of research work to find about the data and facts that are available on the topic, enabling students to think of a strategy for making a useful contribution to the existing knowledge on the subject.

In addition, it is necessary that students get familiar with the essay format so that they can write the in-text citations and their references in the bibliography pages, in a proper manner. Going through, how to write research proposal will also help students in writing on such topics.

As there are many ideas available online about the unique writing prompts, students, can check on custom essays to choose an interesting topic for their essay. And if you are not very good at this and have repeatedly said to yourself "who can write my essay for me"? Then this article will be useful to you.

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