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Essay Writers Service: Reading More

Essay Writers Service: Reading More

Author: Kaylee Flemings

5 Breathtaking Crime Thrillers for True Bookworms

Reading books is fun, educational, and somewhat thrilling. All bookworms out there will get the point.

Unfortunately, today, there are not that many real book-lovers left, especially amongst students. It is a pity, but this happens not as much because learners don’t like reading, but rather because they simply don’t have time for this.

Why Should You Start Reading More?

An intensive academic load, tons of homework, and endless tests hold young people back from reading. However, even if you have an important ACT test coming or have lots of work to do, it is vital to remember that reading can benefit you in many ways. It is much more than just a fun way to spend time.

Reading helps to expand your horizons. It boosts self-esteem and concentration. Also, such a hobby can significantly improve your critical thinking and analytical skills as well as strengthen your memory.

Besides, it can also help you become a better student! The activity is known for expanding vocabulary and enhancing writing skills. Not to mention how much new information you can glean from literature. So, even if you are busy, consider entrusting your papers to a reliable pro essay writer to free your time and devote it to reading. In any case, it is a win-win deal!

Top 5 Astounding Books for the Lovers of Crime Thrillers Genre

Now, that you know the benefits of reading, you might as well start wondering where to begin your bookworm journey. If that’s true or if you are already a big fan of literature and the crime thriller genre, in particular, we’ve got something cool for you!

Crime thrillers have always been highly popular. This genre is fascinating both in a movie and book format. There are quite a few reasons for that and some of the most significant ones are the thrill and mystery you get when you plunge into the genre.

Below you will find a list of the best books that everyone fascinated by crime thrillers should check out.

A Stone for Maddie Green, Eben Beukes

One fascinating piece you may want to check out is A Stone for Maddie Green written by Eben Beukes. This is a breathtaking thriller with elements of a crime. The book tells us the story of Maddie Green. Maddie is the daughter of the international supermodel, who had mysteriously disappeared.

After four months of the disappearance, the police search seems to get stalled, whereas perturbing pictures of a young girl, who probably could be Maddie, pop up on the Dark Web. That’s when a homicide detective named Riad joins in.

Throughout the investigation, the detective reveals certain details of Maddie’s mother's past. Those get in the way of the search. What happens next is extremely thrilling.

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