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Author: Tia Moreen

A Guide to University Branding and Some Universities that Have Hacked Social Media Branding

When people think of marketing, they think of businesses selling products and services to customers and making a name for themselves to stand out from the rest. You may be shocked and confused about why universities would need to use similar branding strategies, as would your local bakery. However, if you think deeper about it, it makes absolute sense.
A university is a business that sells a service (teaching), and the students are the clients who are buying from the business. Additionally, remember that there are thousands of universities all over the world competing for students. If a university does not create a brand around themselves, they may lose these students to their competition regardless of how good their programs are.
When it comes to building a brand, there are many ways to get it wrong and waste your money and time, and there are some tried and tested ways that can help you build your brand and set yourself apart from the rest. Here are some tips on how to win at building a brand.
Do Your Research

Let's say, for example, your target demographic is high school students who are about to join university soon. You need to understand what this demographic would find appealing. You can do this by asking the right people the right questions. For example, you can conduct a survey to learn what students are looking for in universities. You can survey your current students to understand what drew them into your university. How to market yourself to prospective students will differ from how you market yourself to your alumnus.
Additionally, you need to understand what you are doing now and what is working and what isn't. Find out how most students reach you. For example, you may discover that many leads to your website for enrollment come from your Facebook page. This implies that you can focus a large part of your branding campaign on Facebook. 
Academic Integrity

You can try to show the students that they will get more academically from you than with any other university. This involves leveraging the resources and selling points you have to your benefit. For example, you can talk about the faculty at your university. Emphasize why they are qualified to teach. What makes them credible? Talk about what research progress your university has made to help different fields. Additionally, you can talk about how teaching at your university stands out.
Students are highly interested in how their campus life will be. They will be spending a significant portion of time in your school, and they would rather prefer their time to be enjoyable. Some aspects you can cover about campus life include:
Managing School Work

Talk about evergreen content. For example, talk about time management skills and study tips. Feature student testimonials as people love social proof. Talk about any resources available to them to help them manage their school works better, like an essay writing help service or the well-stocked library.
Talk About the School in General

For example, you can talk about the school's history and the history of some of the school buildings. Give virtual campus tours for students to get a feel of your school before they join. Talk about unique value points like green living and diversity in the school population. Additionally, feature information on how student leadership works in the school.
Extracurricular Activities

Students won't spend all their time reading. What does the school have to offer in terms of extracurricular activities? Talk about the available sports and clubs and the events carried out by the school, and how the students can grow from the campus experience

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