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Essays on Literary Works: Why They Are Important

Essays on Literary Works: Why They Are Important

Author: Timothy Lyall

Many university students tend to overlook or underestimate literature-related courses. They think it is easy and does not lead to a lucrative career. Contrary to these opinions, literature is a very important subject with many career opportunities. Moreover, writing essays on literary works give students various attributes.

As a literature student, you can be asked to write an essay on any book on any genre or analyze a specific poem. Back in college, I used to have someone who could write my essays for me until I realized what I was missing. The service helped me a lot. But doing the assignments is essential as they help nurture the crucial skills needed in life.

Why Writing Essays on Literary Works is Important

I once sat down and asked myself, “Why do tutors burden us with all these writing assignments?” Of course, I was just being lazy. With time, I got to understand why these assignments are essential. Henceforth, I never relied on help from an online essay writing service.

Are you struggling to understand why you need to write that analytical essay on a particular book? Here are some reasons that should compel you to embrace the task.

1. It enhances critical thinking skills

When you are writing a summary or an analysis of a published work of art or poem, you have to think critically about what you will write. Remember, you have to write an article that will please your lecturer if you look forward to an excellent grade. When doing so, you can nurture your brainstorming and critical thinking skills.

2. It nurtures analytical skills

Apart from nurturing critical thinking skills, working on essays can help you develop analytical skills. Being an excellent writer requires you to keenly analyze your information and determine what you need to write first. This is a key attribute that allows students to be precise and articulate in their work.

3. It leads to appreciation of diversity

Literary works are filled with lots of diverse cultures and beliefs from different parts of the world. Reading and writing about these works of art helps you develop an appreciation for other people’s culture and way of life. You can now read any book or novel from any part of the world, thus exposing readers to more diversity.

4. It helps nurture the writing attribute

Working on literary analysis articles helps prepare students to be excellent writers in the future. Writing is an essential skill in the professional world, and in some instances, you can make a career out of it. By working on literary essays, you get to nurture your writing skills and prepare yourself for the future.

This helps you learn how to make your papers and articles more interesting for readers to read and follow through. Learning how to create a flowing outline for your work is also a skill you learn in the process. It gives you a wholesome experience on how to be an excellent writer.

5. It helps you decode hidden information

Most authors hide crucial information in a simple story, left for readers to decode and understand on their own. It is very easy for someone to fail to see all the hidden messages because they never internalize whatever they are reading.

However, as a literature student, you have to analyze and decode whatever the author intended to communicate before you can embark on your essay. This drives you to be a keen reader who thirsts for understanding, rather than just reading.

6. It teaches different writing styles and formats

As a literature student, working on articles based on books and novels also teaches you different writing techniques you can use to spice up your work. Different authors use different techniques in their work to captivate their audience. As a student, you can adopt some of these techniques in your work to boost your grades in school.


In school, working on literary essays is important because of grades and also because it teaches some important lessons. The skills taught are not only useful in school but also in the outside world. Therefore, you must pay attention to all your school projects, especially essay and research paper projects.

It’s all the help you need even in your career. Don’t ignore this important task that gives you a chance at improving yourself. Go for it!

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