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Establishing a Collaborative Professional Development Team

Establishing a Collaborative Professional Development Team

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, students determine how, when, and with whom to develop a collaborative professional development plan

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Notes on "Establishing a Collaborative Professional Development Team"

(00:00 - 00:24) Introduction

(00:25 - 01:47) Why Collaborative Professional Development?

(01:48 - 02:26) How to Begin

(02:27 - 03:26) Develop a Plan: Step 1

(03:27 - 03:44) Develop a Plan: Step 2

(03:45 - 04:26) Develop a Plan: Step 3

(04:27 - 05:22) Develop a Plan: Step 4

(05:23 - 06:51) Develop a Plan: Step 5

(06:52 - 07:30) Stop and Reflect

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Creating SMART Professional Development Goals

This article walks teachers through the use of the SMART format to develop and measure their professional development goals.

Section 3: Develop a Professional Growth Plan

This resource from the Alberta Teachers' Association offers templates and step by step explanations of how to create a SMART goal for professional learning.