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Author: Thomas Jenkins

After reading John Chapter 6: See the connection between Moses' Manna and Jesus' Body. Understand the connection between salvation and the Eucharist. Be able to communicate the connection between Moses, Jesus, and salvation.

After watching the video "Miracle at Lanciano:" Begin to learn about the "REAL" presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Be able to explain how this video and John Chapter 6 are related.

After reading the article "Christ in the Eucharist:" You should have a better grasp of the theology behind the Eucharist. Be able to explain the evidence for the "REAL" presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and how the Catholic Church's view on Communion is different than other Christian Churches.

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When you attend Class next week, we will start off with adoration. We will then break off into groups to discuss the videos and article.

This lesson is centered around the fundamentals of understanding and appreciating the Eucharist. The Gospel writer John will reference Old Testament writings to show the correlation between Jesus and manna. A doubting monk will get the surprise of his life when the Eucharist in his hands transform before his eyes. An article written by Catholic Answers will enlighten readers on the evidence for the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. In a video, catholic youth will share their own feelings on the Eucharist. This lesson will help deepen your understanding of the mass and Eucharist.  

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Informing the "family" (students) what they will be learning.

Source: Diocese of San Bernardino

Another VIDEO!!!!?

Yes! another video.... learning just got easier- sit back and enjoy.
Preparying the fam for what is in store.

Source: Diocese of San Bernardino

Mgsr. Wallace and Eucharist

Mgsr. Tom Wallace for the Diocese of San Bernardino, talks to youth about the importance of the Eucharist.

Source: Diocese of San Bernardino

The Eucharist

Click on points to watch and learn about the Eucharist. Click on " ! " and asnwer questions after watching movies and reading articles.

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