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Evaluating Alignment With Understanding by Design

Evaluating Alignment With Understanding by Design

Author: Katie Hou

In this unit, you will consider a sample UbD unit and learn how alignment among standards, objectives, assessment, and learning experiences provide for effective learning by students.

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Notes on “Evaluating Alignment with Understanding by Design”


(00:00-00:17) Introduction

(00:18-01:03) Understanding by Design Review

(01:04-02:39) Example Unit

(02:40-03:34) Exploring the Standards In-Depth

(03:35-03:49) Reflection

(03:50-04:18) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Overview of UbD & The Design Template

This handout provides an explanation for each of the stages of UbD as well as each of the components. In addition to a blank template for lesson and unit design, the handout includes good and bad examples of UbD plans to be used as exemplars.

Making a Difference Curriculum: Alignment with Understanding by Design and Common Core State Standards 2014 

This is a useful site from Northeastern Illinois University's Center for College Access and Success with step by step instructions on how to align standards and objectives using the Understanding by Design model. In addition, the site includes resources aligned to Common Core State Standards. A sample unit plan is provided.