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Evaluating an Argument

Evaluating an Argument

Author: Glenn Kuehn

In this lesson, students will evaluate the soundness and cogency of arguments.

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Source: Image of Socrates, Creative Commons, http://bit.ly/29ZntMM; Image of Argument tree, Creative Commons, http://bit.ly/2bg82kq

Notes on “Evaluating an Argument”

(00:00 – 00:17) Introduction

(00:18 – 00:28) Things to Keep in Mind

(00:29 – 00:53) Content of Tutorial

(00:54 – 01:28) Key Terms

(01:29 – 03:33) Argument Classification

(03:34 – 07:45) Argument Evaluation

(07:46 – 08:10) Summary

  • Sound

    A deductively valid argument with all true premises

  • Unsound

    A deductive argument that is not sound

  • Cogent

    An inductively strong argument with all true premises

  • Uncogent

    An inductive argument that is not cogent