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Evaluating Digital Information

Evaluating Digital Information

Author: Amee Wittbrodt
  • Understand, analyze, evaluate, and use different types of print, digital, and multimodal media.
  • Critically analyze information found in electronic, print, and mass media and use a variety of these sources.
  • Gain an understanding of how to evaluate digital information based on four criteria: accuracy, authority, objectivity, and currency.
  • Critique a website based on the 4 criteria and compose an opnion paragraph that explains if the website is believeable or not.

In this packet students will learn how to evaluate digital information based on four criteria. Students will then put this knowledge to use by taking a close look at a website and deciding whether the site is a hoax or not. Using the four criteria and guiding questions, students will write a paraprah stating their educated opinion.

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Background Information

This slideshow gives an overview of how to evaluate a website using four criteria: authority, accuracy, objectivity, and currency.

Practice Time

Choose one of the websites listed below and evaluate it based on the 4 criteria from the slideshow: authority, accuracy, objectivity, and currenty. Write a paragraph explaining why you think the information on your site is true or not. Use the data from your evaluation to support your opinion.

Your paragraph should include the following-

Topic stentence stating your opinion
Three reasons minimum that support your opinion
Correct spelling and punctuation
Correct capitalization
Concluding sentence restating your opinion
10-15 sentences minimum


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