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2 Tutorials that teach Evaluating Lesson Plans: UbD Planning II
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Evaluating Lesson Plans: UbD Planning II

Evaluating Lesson Plans: UbD Planning II

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will provide learners with ways to critically evaluate stage three of lesson plans, through the lens of Understanding by Design.

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Notes on “Evaluating Lesson Plans: UbD Planning II"


(00:00-00:17) Introduction

(00:18-01:25) UbD Stage 3 Recap

(01:26-03:57) Process and Evaluation of Lesson Plan

(03:58-04:14) Reflection

(04:15-04:44) Conclusion

Additional Resources

North Middlesex School District: Assessment of Lesson Plans Using UbD and 21st Century Skills

This wiki includes many resources teachers can use, such as rubrics and checklists to evaluate their lesson plans. In particular, scroll to the bottom for a rubric to evaluate the effective use of WHERETO in lesson design.*+Assessment+of+Lesson+Plans+using+UbD+and+21st+Century+Skills