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2 Tutorials that teach Evaluating, Selecting,and Maximizing Software in a Blended Learning Environment
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Evaluating, Selecting,and Maximizing Software in a Blended Learning Environment

Evaluating, Selecting,and Maximizing Software in a Blended Learning Environment


This lesson provides students with the ability to conduct an environmental scan of the available software within the teaching environment for a blended learning approach.

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Note on "Evaluating, Selecting, and Maximizing Software in a Blended Learning Environment"

(00:00-00:24) Intro

(00:25-00:39) Objectives

(00:40-01:59) Project Red Cost Comparison Tool

(02:00-03:14) Software Considerations

(03:15-07:04) Open Source Educational Resources

(07:05-09:06) Questions to Ask

(09:07-09:23) Review

(09:24-10:04) Reflection

Additional Resources

Tools and Resources for Finding Open Educational Resources 

This site from the United Kingdom provides a clickable list of tools for finding open source educational resources. Scroll through the links and explanations to finds resources that meet the need of your subject area and grade level. Many tools include collaborative resources for teachers. A Guide to Open Source Education

This site explains open source educational resources, why to use open source and how to locate open source educational resources. In addition the site offers links to the data bases with an explanation of the content for teachers to search. Included in this site are video tutorials that are open source (this link is below as well).
Video - the best open source tutorials of 2014:

Why Should Open Source Software be Used in School

This article addresses why open source educational resources can be used in schools. In addition, there are a variety of links to open source software and resources with an explanation of each resource below the article. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find case studies and examples of schools that implement open source software.

Blended Learning Implementation Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to implementing blended learning from the planning to the implementation stages. For this competency, review the technology selection processes on beginning on pages 21 and 26