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Evaluating students' online work

Evaluating students' online work


In this lesson, you will be introduced to Dr. Pruitt-Mentle's framework for digital citizenship and learn to use a C3 matrix to evaluate the online work of students.

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Digital Citizenship

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Evaluating Students' Online Work

Source: Digital Access Key Image; Morgue File;; Matrix Image; iKeepSafe;; Student Work Images; Mrs. Johnson's Creative Writing Class; Students Granted Permission for Images

Notes on "Evaluating Students' Online Work"

(00:00-00:40) Intro

(00:41-01:06) Objectives

(01:07-02:44) C3 Matrix Review

(02:45-06:22) C3 Matrix Evaluation Questions

(06:23-07:27) C3 Matrix Cyber Safety Evaluation, Element A

(07:28-08:12) C3 Matrix Cyber Safety Evaluation, Element B

(08:13-09:05) C3 Matrix Cyber Safety Evaluation, Element C

 (09:05-09:15) Review

(09:16-10:04) Reflection

Additional Resources

Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning 

This report from the US Department of Education presents research of the literature with findings and recommendations for the implementation of online learning framed by best practices. This report includes important information for educators who are making decisions about blended and online learning in the K-12 setting. Educators can benefit from knowing the effect size of each strategy studied and the implications for improving student achievement.


Evaluating Multimodal Work, Revisited

Professor Christine Mattern discusses how she evaluates multi-modal student work with some useful suggestions for teachers pulling from research and best practices from leaders in the field. Scroll down the page to find guiding questions to ask yourself as you evaluate multimodal student work according to the following key areas: content and concept; concept/content driven design and techniques; transparent collaboration development and documentation; academic integrity and openness; and review and critique. Mattern also provides additional resources at the end of the post if you are interested in learning more about evaluating student work that is collaborative and/or multimodal in nature.