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2 Tutorials that teach Evaluation Conferences and Observation Best Practices
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Evaluation Conferences and Observation Best Practices

Evaluation Conferences and Observation Best Practices

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, teachers examine best practices to engage in during conferences and observations with their evaluator

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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

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Notes on "Evaluation Conferences and Observation Best Practices"


(00:00 - 00:12) Introduction

(00:13 - 00:27) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:28 - 01:44) The Pre-Conference

(01:45 - 03:36) During the Observation

(03:37 - 05:00) The Post-Conference

(05:01 - 05:27) What Did You Learn Today?

(05:28 - 06:10) Reflection




Additional Resources

Teacher Development Toolkit for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

This document from Marzano Research Laboratories provides tools to prepare for pre and post conferences.

Ohio Department of Education: Teacher Performance

This page provides tools for pre and post conferences, as well as for professional growth plans and improvement plans.