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Author: Jane Bowser

The objective of this lesson is to become familiar with iPad apps like Evernote and Skitch by using them throughout the semester to organize thoughts, documents, and projects for at least one course. 

Evernote and Skitch are great organizational tools that are unique in that they have online, computer based, and iPad app versions that work together to help one stay organized and on top of things.

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Evernote and Skitch

Evernote and Skitch are two programs that leverage the power of your iPad in conjunction with the web and your computer.  In this project, you will learn to use the Evernote and Skitch apps and apply them to your work and your classes over the course of the semester.

To get started, complete the following:

After you have completed those steps, watch the tutorials in the next section!

Introduction to Evernote

Introduction to Evernote.

Evernote WebClipper

Using the Evernote WebClipper

Evernote for Mac

Introduction to Evernote for the Mac.

Skitch for the iPad and iPhone

Introduction to Skitch for the iPad.


Once you have downloaded all the various apps and created your account for Evernote and Skitch, you are are use them throughout the semester in our class as well as in your other classes.

Twice over the course of the semester you will be asked to blog about your experiences and share them with your classmates.

At the end of the semester, you will present your Evernote and Skitch findings to the rest of the class in a creative multimedia format.  The criteria for the presentation is not specific because I want you to choose the tools and presentation style that you think are best based on your knowledge of Instructional Technology.

Good luck and remember to ask me any questions at any time!