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EVHS Notification of Student I+/NC/NG/F through Campus Messenger

EVHS Notification of Student I+/NC/NG/F through Campus Messenger

Author: Bruce Miller
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EVHS Notification Process for F/I+/NC/NG

The process an EVHS teacher can follow to notify parents through Campus Message Center about their student not earning credit in a class.

Screencast Index

0:00-0:21 Introduction

0:22-2:06 Customize/Personalize/Save message template to personal Campus user account

2:07-2:32 Load saved message template 

2:33-2:40 Set up message parameters

2:41-3:45 Select class, type of grades (posted grades), grades, and term grading task

3:46-4:55  Preview email recipients and preview message

4:56-5:27 Send a new message to a different class

5:28-5:45 Closing (you can always ask Bruce Miller for help!)