Evidence of Evolution

Evidence of Evolution

Author: Brent Burkott

This tutorial will help students be able to analyze and evaluate evidence of common ancestry among groups of organisms by comparing 1) Fossil Records, 2) Biogeography, 3) Homologies such as a) anatomical homologies, b) molecular homologies, and c) developmental homologies.  This is a readiness standard in the State of Texas for TEKS B.7A which is in reporting category 3.

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Evidence for Evolution PPT

Text book PPT presentation on the evidence of evolution.

Source: PPT Author McDougal Littell (9/14/2006) & Last modified by Melanie Deal (12/13/2012)

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The Mysterious Origin of Corn
Domestication and origin of corn. What are the ancestors of corn, and how do we know which plants were the real ancestors of corn which has been grown for thousands of years now. Video length is 17:51 minutes.

Source: Howard Hughes Medical Institute