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Author: Rebecca Gibson

To inform viewers of the features and benefits provided by Examsoft.

Examsoft is an assessment building, posting, analyzing, and grading software that is available for learning institutions. It gives students the computer skills and computer assessment practice they need prior to taking their license or registry exams which are all via computers now.

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Questions can be created with Examsoft or imported from other resources. Questions are categorized and filed according to the instructor's needs. There are many different options for question types and question answer settings.

Exam Delivery

Exam delivery can be done from any computer and sent to the Examsoft network for internet availability. It's always secure through one or more passwords and can be given on any computer with the Softest program downloaded. It's secure from cheating in that exam takers can't open any other applications while testing is in progress. That doesn't mean that they can't use other devices, but it is increased security for the educators.


Using analytics, the educator can run analysis and reports on a single questions, all questions, a single user, all users, a single assessment, or all assessments. This gives information and data gathering to the educator's fingertips.