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Excel 2010: Backstage View

Excel 2010: Backstage View


To understand the various action pages offered within the File tab.

The latest version of Excel 2010 has groups together a variety of menu options all in one place with simple and descriptions.  You can do more when you know all Excel 2010 has to offer.

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Excel 2010: Create Open Workbook

Many options are available to use in the File tab. This video introduces the backstage view.

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Excel 2010: Template make it easier to have professional looking worksheets

Templates can save time and frustration. See what Excel 2010 has to offer to make your life easier.

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Excel 2010: Printing Options

The updated print page in Excel 2010 offers multiple options all in one place.

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Excel 2010: Backstage View

Walk through the backstage view of the File tab and see all that Excel 2010 has to offer in customizing your spreadsheets.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Practice using the backstage view options

Ready to practice what you’ve learned?  Follow the steps below to discover more about the backstage view in Excel 2010.

  1. Open an Excel 2010 session and using the backstage view, find the Wedding budget planner from the templates.


  1. Fill in amounts for the estimated and actual columns for the apparel section to see how the formulas automatically calculate.


  1. Under the File tab preview the document through the Print preview page. 


  1. Compare how the two orientation styles affect the print preview.


  1. Make adjustments on the margins and scaling drop down options.


  1. Click on the margins button and adjust the margins manually.


  1. Prepare the document for sharing by inspecting and checking for compatibility.


  1. Add a digital signature


  1. Save as an Excel Template to your desktop with the tag of wedding.


  1. Exit the software through the backstage view.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga