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Excel 2010: Creating Charts

Excel 2010: Creating Charts

Author: Marie E. Arriaga

To create a chart from an existing spreadsheet and customize the settings.

Creating charts in Excel 2010 is much easier that you might think.  Follow the simple steps and you'll be on your way to creating impressive spreadsheets in no time at all.

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Excel 2010 makes it easy to show your data in graphical form through its insert chart feature.

Source: YouTube - Channel

Chart tool descriptions

When you insert a chart, a new toolbar is added to the command ribbon. Review the slideshow below to learn the basic steps to creating a chart and personalizing it to your needs.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Cookie Contest Charting Worksheet

Download this worksheet and complete the steps below to create a basic chart.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Chart creation practice steps

Using the downloaded Cookie Contest worksheet above, follow the steps below to create a basic chart.

1) Highlight the data fields of cells A3 through D6

2) Click on the Insert tab and choose the 2-D clustered bar type

3) Switch the row/column data

4) Select layout 8 to include chart and axis title areas

5) Type in the chart title as: 12th Annual Cookie Contest

6) Type in the vertical axis title as: Finalist

7) Type in the horizontal axis title as: Result Points

8) Change the chart style to style 34 which is a multi color, gray background shading

9) Move the chart to the right within the worksheet so that you can view all the data and chart at once

Compare your screen to the Cookie Contest Final below

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Cookie Contest Final

Source: Marie E. Arriaga