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Excel 2010: Learning To Navigate

Excel 2010: Learning To Navigate

Author: Marie E. Arriaga

To understand:

  • How to move around the Excel 2010 screen
  • What is the difference between a workbook and a worksheet
  • How to manage data within an active cell

Excel 2010 is a powerful software application that is useful for storing and modifying large amounts of data.  Before you begin building worksheets it's important to understand how to navigate around the screen and move data from place to place.

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Excel 2010: Navigating Excel 2010 is supported by the Goodwill Community Foundation and they offer wonderful tutorials on a wide range of subjects. In this video, viewers will be able to see how to move around the Excel 2010 screen application with ease.

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Excel 2010 - Cell Basics

Entering and moving data around in the is simple and easy if you know the technique. Watch this quick video to see how its done and then practice on your own.

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Back To School Practice Worksheet

Download the worksheet and make the changes listed below using the tips you learned in the two previous videos.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Back To School Worksheet Practice

Finish the Back to School Practice worksheet above by making the following updates using the techniques showcased in the videos.

1) Update the list to reflect that 3 folders are needed.

2) In cell C4 enter a 0 for the amount of notebooks on hand.

3) Using the copy/paste group on the command ribbon, copy the number in cell C4 to the rest of the blank cells in the "On Hand" column.

4) Add the Tennis Shoes to the bottom of the list and update the related cells to show that 1 is needed and 0 are on hand.

5) There is a formula in cell D3 to show how many pencils to buy. Using the auto fill handle, drag the cell borders to copy the formula to the bottom of the list.

Good to Know: The words, "Shopping List" look like they cover both cells D and E but in Excel all data is housed in its own separate cell. 

  • Click on cell D2 and the words show up in the formula bar.
  • Click on cell E2 and the formula bar is blank.
  • If you type an X in cell E2 then X shows up in the formula bar and the words "Shopping List" are now look cut off at the cell border.


6) Click on cell E2 and delete the contents using the Clear All command from ribbon Home tab under the Editing group.

7) Highlight cells A1 through D1 and use the Merge & Center command from the alignment group to center the title across the data columns.

8) Double click on the line between columns A and B to automatically resize the column to the widest item.

9) Select columns B through D and change the column width to 12 using the right click menu.

10) Using the Click-Shift-Click method select the range B2 to D14. Then choose the center text command from the alignment group.

11) Add the green fill to the A1 (Home) cell and then bold the text.

Does yours look like the final version below?


Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Back To School Worksheet - Final

Source: Marie E. Arriaga