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Excel 2010: Ribbon & Quick Action Toolbar

Excel 2010: Ribbon & Quick Action Toolbar

Author: Marie E. Arriaga

To explore and customize the ribbon tabs and quick action toolbar in Excel 2010.

Take your learning one step further by customizing the ribbon tabs and quick action toolbar with your favorite Excel 2010 commands.

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Did you know you can create your own custom tab within the Excel 2010 ribbon? Watch here and learn to personalize the tools to your needs.

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Practice personalizing the ribbon and toolbar

Instead of hunting all over for the commands you need, why not put them on a customized tab so you can find them easier?  Practice creating your own tab by following the steps below:

1) By default the ribbon is maximized.  Using the collapse button minimize the ribbon and click back and forth between the tabs and the active cell fields to see how the ribbon is available to use when you need it and then collapses back down when you click away.

Tip: If you double click on any tab (except File) the ribbon will toggle between minimized and maximized.

2) Right click on any group within the ribbon tabs and choose customize the ribbon.  In the options dialog box, create a new group as described in the video and rename it Favorites.  

3) Add two new groups to the new Favorites custom tab and rename the groups Colors and Shortcuts. 

4) In the Colors group add Fill Color, 3-D Color and Color Saturation commands.

5) In the Shortcuts group add Email, Accessibility Checker and Publish.

6) Using the arrows alongside the customization pane, move the new Favorites tab to appear between the Home and Insert tabs.  Click OK and view the new tab on the ribbon.

7) Go back into the customize dialog box and remove the Favorites tab.


Now that your able to customize the ribbon, it's just a few more steps to personalize the quick action toolbar too.  See how its done by following the steps below:

1) Using the drop down arrow next to the toolbar, add New and Sort Descending shortcuts to the toolbar.

2) Choose the Show Below Ribbon command and watch to see where the toolbar moves to.

3) Using the More Commands option, add Copy, Cut and Paste to the toolbar.

4) Using the arrows next to the customization pane, move the Save shortcut to the bottom of the list.

5) Click OK and review your results.





Source: Marie E. Arriaga