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Excel 2010: Screen Symbols

Excel 2010: Screen Symbols

Author: Marie E. Arriaga

To recognize the symbols used within the Excel 2010 system and define what actions they are associate with.

Throughout the Excel 2010 window there are different symbols displayed as the cursor moves within the screen cells.  Learn what these symbols mean and what actions they can do.


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What are the different screen symbols and what do they do?

Pay close attention to the different symbols that appear when using Excel 2010. They each serve a different function and can manipulate data in different ways.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Sample Budget Worksheet

Excel 2010 worksheet to use for practicing move data with screen symbols.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Practice moving data around the Excel 2010 screen

Complete the following steps using the sample Excel 2010 budget worksheet show just above this activity. 

1) Use the white pointer to zoom to 120%.

2) Use the solid black arrow to widen column C to 10.00 points.

3) Use the auto fill handle to fill in the months from February to June.

4) Use the auto fill handle to copy the monthly salary amount from January through to June.

5) Use the Click-Shift-Click Method to select the expenses range from cell B7 to B11.  Then use the auto fill handle to copy the amount over to columns D through G for the same rows. 

6) Move the months of the year over one column to match up with the amount data in the salary row.

7) Compare your final worksheet to see if it matches the final version shown below:



Source: Marie E. Arriaga