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Excel 2010: Simple Formulas

Excel 2010: Simple Formulas

Author: Marie E. Arriaga

To understand how to create simple formulas in an Excel 2010 spreadsheet.

Keeping track of information is much simpler using Excel 2010 spreadsheets.  Simple formulas that help you add, subtract, multiply and divide are easy to learn if you know the simple steps to create them. 

Once you have that down, try your hand at other common formulas such as averages, maximums and minimums.

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Excel 2010: Understanding Simple Formulas

Simple formulas are easy to create if you just know the key to selecting data and using the system to do the calculations for you.

Source: Marie E.Arriaga

It's time to practice what you've learned

Use this worksheet to practice the steps shown in the slideshow above.

Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Practice Steps

Using the downloaded Travel Expense Practice file above, follow the next steps to complete the worksheet equations.

1) Use an auto sum calculation to add the total hotel expense column

2) Using the auto fill handle, copy the formula from cell C15 through the entertainment column

3) Complete an auto sum formula for cell H16 being sure not to include the blank cell on H15

4) In cell C18 calculate the average meal expense

5) Calculate the maximum cost for each column covering all four trips

6) Calculate the total for airfare and transport expenses for both the 1st and 2nd quarter trips

Compare your spreadsheet with the final to see how it matches.





Source: Marie E. Arriaga

Travel Expense Final

Source: Marie E. Arriaga