Excel Project Excel–CH6-CH9-Ch12: Project

Excel Project Excel–CH6-CH9-Ch12: Project

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Excel–CH6-CH9-Ch12: Project
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Project Description:
We have combined three chapters in Excel for this project: Excel - CH06: What-If Analysis, Excel - CH09: Multiple-Sheet Workbook Management, and Excel – CH12: Templates, Styles and Macros.  Steps 1 through 19 include features from Excel Chapter 6, with Step 1 providing a description of the worksheets related to Chapter 6.  Steps 20 through 30 include features from Excel Chapter 9, with Step 20 providing a description of the worksheets related to Chapter 9.  Steps 31 to 40 include features from Excel Chapter 12, with Step 31 providing a description of the worksheets related to Chapter 12.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


CH06 - Project Description:In the following project, you will perform What-IF Analysis to calculate budget information for your University’s Valentine’s Day formal.



Download and open the file named Excel-6-9-12_Start.Save the file as:  Excel-6-9-12_LastName (replacing your last name with the text LastName).



On the Budget worksheet, use Goal Seek to achieve a $0 balance by changing the Ticket Price per Person.



Beginning in cell E3, complete a series of substitution values vertically in column E, ranging from 200 to 500 at increments of 20 attendees.



Enter cell references to the Total Revenue, Total Expenses, and Balance formulas (in that order) for a one-variable data table in cells F2, G2, and H2, respectively.  Apply custom number formats to make the formula references display as follows:          F2 – text to display:   Revenue          G2 – text to display:   Expenses          H2 – text to display:   Balance



Create a one-variable data table for the range E2:H18 using the Number of Attendees as the appropriate input cell.  Format the results with Accounting Number Format with two decimal places.Type #Attend in cell E2 and align right the cell contents.



Copy the Number of Attendees substitution values from the one-variable data table (in cells E3:E18), and then paste the values starting in cell E22.  Type $50 in cell F21 and complete the series of substitution values for Ticket Price per Person from $50 to $100 at $10increments.



In cell E21, enter the cell reference to the Balance formula (C33).  Complete the two-variable data table for the range E21:K37, using Number of Attendees and Ticket Price per Person as the appropriate input cells.  Format the results with Accounting Number Format with two decimal places.



Select the 3 cells in the two-variable data table that are closest to break even without creating a deficit.  Apply a Light Blue fill color and Dark Red text to the 3 selected cells.Apply custom number format to cell E21 to display #Attend.

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