Excel Project EXP ECH05 H2 - Mountain View Realty 2.1

Excel Project EXP ECH05 H2 - Mountain View Realty 2.1

Author: matthew stock


EXP ECH05 H2 - Mountain View Realty 2.1
Project Description:
You are a real estate analyst who works for Mountain View Realty in the North Utah County area. You have consolidated a list of houses sold during the past few months and need to start analyzing the data. For a simple analysis, you will outline the data and use the Subtotal feature. Then you will create a PivotTable to give you a way to perform more in-depth analysis.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


Open exploring_e05_grader_h2_RealEstate.xlsx and save it as exploring_e05_grader_h2_RealEstate_LastFirst.



Make sure the Sales Subtotals worksheet is the active sheet. Insert a column between the Selling Price and Listing Date columns. Enter the heading % of Asking Price and double-click between the column G and H headings to increase the column width.



Insert a formula in cell G2 to calculate the selling price percentage of the asking price, format it with Percent Style with one decimal place, and then copy the formula down the column.



Enter the heading Days on Market on the right side of the last column and double-click between the column J and K headings to increase the column width. In cell J2, calculate the number of days between the listing date and sale date. Copy the formula down the column.



Sort the list by city in alphabetical order, then by selling agent in alphabetical order, and finally by listing date in chronological order (oldest to newest).



Use the Subtotal feature to calculate the average selling price, percentage of asking price, and days on market by city. Ensure that Summary below data is selected, and then click OK. Group the data using the Auto Outline feature. Collapse the outline to hide the listing and sale dates. Click the appropriate button to display the grand average and city average rows only.



Format the average days on market to zero decimal places. Apply wrap text, 10.00 column width, and increase the (row) height of cells G1 and J1 to 38.25.



Click the Sales Data worksheet and create a PivotTable on a new worksheet. Name the new worksheet PivotTable.



Display the cities in the Rows area of the PivotTable, selling agents in the Columns area, and asking and selling prices (in that order) in the Values area. Modify the PivotTable. Display averages rather than sums with Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places. Pivot the data by placing the City field in the Columns area (above Values) and the Selling Agent field in the Rows area.



Add a group filter to display only Alpine and Cedar Hills.


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