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Excel Refresher for 5-8th

Excel Refresher for 5-8th

Author: Cathy Varga

This is a lesson to review the layout of MS Excel 2007,  focusing on formulas.  At the end of this lesson, students will have a working knowledge of an excel spreadsheet, how to add formulas within cells, how to format cells and how to incorporate functions.  A personal budget spreadsheet will be created in class.

Please view the information carefully and bring questions to the workshop.

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Excel 2007: Formulas

Refresher on how to use simple formulas in Excel. Please watch this video carefully noting how to create a formula in excel to add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*) and divide (/) using operators, literals and cell references. We will be using this to create a personal budget.

Quick Post Video Pulse Check

This quick form will allow you to communicate your feelings, ideas, reflections and additional questions about the video you just watched.

Additional Excel resources and tutorials

Please feel free to check out some additional tutorials on different excel skills.  You will be using this tutorial section to help complete your project.

Budget Exercise Directions

Please read over the directions for this simple budget project. We will complete the excel project in class - each grade will receive modifications to these specifications in class. Please note any questions you have with the directions and bring them to class.


Source: ©Teacher Created Resources, Inc. #3469 Step-by-Step Spreadsheet Activities for Microsoft Excel