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Exocrine Glands

Exocrine Glands

Author: Aaron Mullally

- know the morphological differences between the various exocrine glands

- know the difference between a simple and complex exocrine gland

- identify the duct and the acinus of an exocrine gland

- know what alveolar means

- know the basic functions of each exocrine gland

In this packet you will learn how to classify the various exocrine glands of the body by their morphological differences.

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Classification of Exocrine Glands

Remember that exocrine glands are involutions (inward folds) of epithelial tissues. Most exocrine glands of the body are found in the skin and the lining of the GI tract. Here are a few tips for classifying exocrine glands:

- look at how many ducts the gland has

- is the acinus tubular or alveolar in shape

- simple exocrine glands will have one duct but may have multiple acini

- complex exocrine glands have multipile acini and ducts

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Classification of Exocrine Glands

In this video you will learn about the morphological difference between the various exocrine glands

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Exocrine Glands

Here are the various exocrine glands of the human body

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