Experimental Design: Definitions and Methods

Experimental Design: Definitions and Methods

Author: Donna Cason

To describe the components of a science experiment

The tool scientists use to test their theories is called the scientific method.

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Funny Science Awards

The Ig Nobel Awards given for making you laugh then making you think

Source: Ted Talks

A Description of how the steps of the scientific method are used to design and experiment

Source: study.com

Scientific Method Vocabulary

10 essential terms

Source: quizlet.com

In Pursuit of Ignorance

Science leads to more questions

Source: ted talks

Experimental Design Practice

Two scenarios to practice naming the IV, DV, Title, Hypothesis, Control, Constants

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Experimental Design Template

Graphic Organizer to design and experiment and communicate results

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Experimental Design Rubric

Grading Rubric for experimental design

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