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Expert learners

Expert learners

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, you will learn about the concept of "expert learners". This idea is based on the three UDL principles.

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Expert Learners

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Notes on "Expert Learners"


(00:00 - 00:07) Introduction

(00:08 - 00:42) What will you learn today?

(00:43 - 01:20) Resourceful & Knowledgeable

(01:21 - 02:15) Strategic & Goal-Oriented

(02:16 - 03:06) Purposeful & Motivated

(03:07 - 03:39) What did you learn today?

(03:40 - 04:09) Reflection


Additional Resources

UDL Journal: expert learners

This entry provides a clear explanation of the three types of expert learners as defined by UDL: strategic, goal-directed learners; resourceful, knowledgeable learners; and purposeful, motivated learners.;jsessionid=1414B8C984F9AC4AD1D608FD8EA2C61F?0&word=l35

Personalize Learning: The Expert Learner with Voice and Choice

This web entry provides a very clear explanation of how to use expert learners in the classroom and how voice and choice supports the tenets of personalized learning. The post includes easy to follow charts on the types of learners, the stages of application, and the roles of teachers and students.