Explain how the history of the sport business industry...

Explain how the history of the sport business industry...

Author: Minnie Fisher


Explain how the history of the sport business industry can be helpful for sport management personnel today.

Question 1Explain how the history of the sport business industry can be helpful for sport management personneltoday. The response should be at least 75 words in length.Question 2Briefly define and compare the three models of segmentation that have been applied to the sportindustry. Give one descriptive example of each. The response should be at least 200 words in length.Question 3Define the three elements necessary for success in sport management. Give one descriptive example ofeach. The essay should be at least 300 words in length.PowerPoint PresentationThis part should be done in separate file. The purpose of this assignment is to investigate various sportrelated careers and compile the information into a PowerPoint presentation. Conduct research ondifferent sport industry careers. Research the different career opportunities, narrowing down thechoices, then choose a single sport industry career to pursue. Include the following information in thepresentation: of the workTasks associated with the jobRequired skillsEducation and other qualificationsAcademic programs that are available or would help aid you in entering the career fieldRelated occupationsSalaryEmployment outlookProfessional associations or websites related to the careerThe full slide presentation should be 8-10 slides and does not need to be limited strictly to theinformation above. Be creative in the presentation. Keep in mind that as you work in the sport industryyou may have to create presentations for organizations and present yourself as informed andprofessional. Your slide presentation should include a title slide and a citation slide and are not to beincluded in the total slide count.Some suggested career exploration websites to research are listed below. You may also choose websitesthat are not on this list.

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