. Explain the origin of the federal Pollution Prevention Act...

. Explain the origin of the federal Pollution Prevention Act...

Author: Minnie Fisher

. Explain the origin of the federal Pollution Prevention Act, including the year it was passed, events leading to its passage, politics leading up to its passage, by how wide of a vote it was passed, and which president signed it.


1. Explain the origin of the federal Pollution Prevention Act, including the year it was passed, events leading to its passage, politics leading up to its passage, by how wide of a vote it was passed, and which president signed it. The answer should be at least 500 words. Please cite and reference all sources used in APA format. The essay will be scanned through plagiarism software.

2. Address only one of the five principles described below. In your essay, include the date that the principle was initiated, events that led to the creation of the principle, the purpose of the principle, your thoughts about the usefulness of the principle, and any recent developments that occurred as a result of the principle. The answer should be at least 500 words. Please cite and reference all sources used in APA format. Essay will be scanned through plagiarism software

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