Exploring ­ Access Chapter 2: Assessment Project 1 Metropolitan Zoo

Exploring ­ Access Chapter 2: Assessment Project 1 Metropolitan Zoo

Author: matthew stock


Metropolitan Zoo
Project Description:
The Metropolitan Zoo tracks its animals in Excel. The organization decides to use a database to organize the data about the animals, their trainers, and the animal exhibits. In this project, you open an existing database and create a new table. You import an Excel file containing information about the animals, and you query the database to determine which animals need a checkup. You also create a query to obtain a listing of the animals in each exhibit.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


Start Access. Open the downloaded Access file namedexploring_a02_grader_a1.



Create a new table in Design view. Add the field nameExhibitID with the AutoNumber Data Type. Add the captionExhibit ID. Set the ExhibitID field as the Primary Key for the table. Save the table using the name Exhibits.



Add the following fields and set their field properties as shown:Field Name                   Data Type                  Field Size Property          CaptionExhibitName                 Short Text                  15                                      Exhibit NameAcres                              Number                      Integer                            (none)InitialCost                     Currency                   (no change)                         Initial CostYearlyCost                     Currency                   (no change)                       Yearly CostDateOpened                  Date/Time                (no change)                         Date OpenedShow                              Yes/No                       (no change)                       (none)



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