Exploring ­ Access Chapter 2: Homework Project 1 Morris Arboretum

Exploring ­ Access Chapter 2: Homework Project 1 Morris Arboretum

Author: matthew stock


Morris Arboretum
Project Description:
The Morris Arboretum tracks donors to their organization in Microsoft Excel. The Arboretum also uses Excel to store a list of plants in stock. As donors contribute funds to the Arboretum, they could elect to receive a plant ‘gift’ of appreciation from the Arboretum. You plan to continue gifting plants to donors as part of the Arboretum’s membership drive. The organization has grown and the files are too inefficient to handle in Excel, however, so you decide to use Microsoft Access for future Arboretum records.  In the following project, you convert Excel files into an Access database for Morris Arboretum.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


Start Access. Open the downloaded Access file namedexploring_a02_grader_h1.



Create a new table in Datasheet view using the nameDonations. Switch to Design View and change ID toDonationID. Add the following field names to the table:DonorID, PlantID, DonationDate, and DonationAmount (in that order).



Change the Data Type for the DonorID and PlantID fields to Number. Change the Data Type for the DonationDate field to Date/Time, and then change the Data Type for the DonationAmount field to Currency.



View the table in Datasheet view and then add the following records to the Donations table letting Access assign the DonationID:DonorID       PlantID           DonationDate             DonationAmount
24                15                   7/17/2014                  1200
9                  11                   8/1/2014                    1500
14                9                     8/15/2014                  150
3                  4                     9/1/2014                    1250
18                7                     9/2/2014                    4600
14               11                    9/9/2014                    450



Sort the records in the Donations table by the DonationAmount field in descending order. Save and close the table.



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