Exploring - Access Chapter 3 Homework Project 1 Northwind Traders.zip

Exploring - Access Chapter 3 Homework Project 1 Northwind Traders.zip

Author: matthew stock


Northwind Traders
Project Description:
Northwind Traders, an international gourmet food distributor, is concerned about shipping delays over the last six months. Review the orders over the past six months and identify any order that was not shipped within 30 days. Each customer that falls within that time frame will be called to inquire about any problems the delay may have caused. In addition, you will create an order summary and an order summary by country. You have created a smaller version of the database, which you will use for testing purposes.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


Start Access. Open the downloaded Access file namedexploring_a03_Grader_h1.



Create a query using Query Design. From the Customers table, include the fields CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, and Phone (in that order). From the Orders table, include the fields OrderID, OrderDate, and ShippedDate (in that order). Run the query and then examine the records. Save the query as Shipping Efficiency.



Add a calculated field named DaysToShip to calculate the number of days taken to fill each order. (Hint: subtract OrderDate from the ShippedDate; the results will not contain negative numbers.) Run the query and then examine the results. Save the query.



Add criteria to limit the query results to include any order that took more than 25 days to ship.



Add the Quantity field from the Order Details table and the ProductName field from the Products table to the query (in that order). Sort the query by ascending CompanyName.



Switch to Datasheet view to view the final results. In Design view, add the caption Days to Ship to the DaysToShip field. Save and close the query.



Create a query using Query Design and add the Customers, Orders, Order Details, and Products tables. Add the fields OrderID and OrderDate (in that order) from the Orders table. Set both fields' Total rows to Group By.



Add a calculated field in the third column. Name the fieldExtendedAmount. This field should multiply the number of items ordered by the price per item. This will calculate the total amount for each order. Format the calculated field as Currency and change the caption to Total Dollars. Change the Total row to Sum.

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