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Exploring DNA: Isolation, Amplification, Analysis

Exploring DNA: Isolation, Amplification, Analysis

Author: Gina Nguyen
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Exploring DNA: Isolation, Amplification, and Analysis

Exploring DNA: Isolation, Amplification, and Analysis. Gina Nguyen and Beth Seibel-Hunt.

This project focused on practicing the procedural techniques involved in studying DNA, including the extraction of DNA from cheek cells, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and gel electrophoresis. Both human and bacterial DNA samples were analyzed using agarose gels and based on the concept of charge and size separation. Bacterial samples were amplified in a thermal cycler that conducted PCR, a process of constant and exponential polymerization. DNA samples were also exposed to strong levels of UV radiation, in order to determine the effects of various ranges of high UV exposure. Results remain inconclusive.
PCR, gel electrophoresis, UV exposure, polymerization


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