Exploring the Solar System

Exploring the Solar System

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You will be conducting a report on 1 of the 8 planets of the solar system. You will be given a specific planet to research. During the 4-day lesson, you will be able to use a website to conduct all the research independently. On the 3rd day, you will write an essay on comparing the similarities and differences between planet Earth and your planet that you have researched. On the 4th day, the you will present your own findings to the class.

DAY 1: Lets get started!

Now, lets take a closer look on what the solar system is and what it is all about. We will watch the video down below on the solar system. Be aware of the important information that the video shares.

Planet Earth

Now lets take a closer look on planet Earth; the planet we live on!

DAY 2: Start your Research!

You will use http://www.kidsastronomy.com/solar_system.htm to gather information about your planet. Make sure to spend a lot of time getting to know your planet. Details are key! You will then record the information you find into the Google Doc provided down below.

Click the link to enter the Google Doc.


DAY 3: Lets Compare!

You will write an essay on the research you have done. The essay must be 3 paragraphs, each with 4-5 sentences. The introduction will include specific findings about your planet that you have researched. The second paragraph will include details about certain similarities with planet Earth and your planet you have researched. Third paragraph will include details about the differences between the two. You may use the website along will your data recordings you created to complete this writing assignment.

Click the link to begin writing your essay.


DAY 4: Share!

You will present your findings and what you have learned to the class.

Teacher's Lesson Plan

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