Exploring - Word Chapter 3: Homework Project 1 Sports Medicine Clinic

Exploring - Word Chapter 3: Homework Project 1 Sports Medicine Clinic

Author: matthew stock


Sports Medicine Clinic
Project Description:
In the following project, you will revise a table that is to be used as a data source in a mail merge. As the business manager for Sports Medicine Clinic, you will send letters of welcome to three newly hired physical therapists. The letters will be combined with a data source to produce letters that can be sent to the new employees.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


Download and open the file namedexploring_w03_grader_h1.docx.



Split column 1 of the table into two columns, placing the first name in the first column and the last name in the next. Cell 1 of row 1 should include the text First Name, and cell 2 of row 1 should include Last Name. (Hint: Uncheck the option to Merge cells before split.)



Insert three columns after the Street Address column, for City,State, and Zip, from left to right, typing the column headings in the first row of the new column.



Populate each cell in the City column with Conway. Each cell in the State column should contain AR, and each cell in the Zip column should include 72032.



Create a new row at the end of the table. Type the wordAverage in the eighth cell on the last row.



Insert a new row at the top of the table, merge cells in the new row, and type New Employees. Align Center the text in the new row.



Create a formula in the last cell on the last row to average the Salary column. (Hint: In the Formula dialog box, remove the suggested function, but leave the =, and paste an Average function, indicating that the average should include the numbers Above.) Format the average as $#,##0.00;($#,##0.00), which is different from the entries in the column above.



Apply a table style of Grid Table 6 Colorful – Accent 6 (sixth row, seventh column under Grid Tables). Bold all entries in row 2, and remove bold from each employee’s first name in column 1 of rows 3, 4, and 5.



Select a pen color of Green, Accent 6, and a double line style (seventh selection under Line Style). Brush the border dividing the first row from the second, so that the border displays as a double line, and press ESC.


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