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Author: Stephanie Kelly

Students will read through this tutorial.  As they read, they will copy down the exponent example and label the parts of an exponent in their notebooks.  They will click on the learn zillion link and watch the video clip.  They will complete the tutorial by taking the quiz below. 

On this tutorial, the students will learn the different part of exponent expressions.  The students will know what all the numbers represent and what their locations mean.  They will be able to expand exponent expressions and rewrite expressions into exponents.

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Step 1: Look at the picture below that shows the parts of an exponential number

Step 2: Copy the picture in your notebook

Step 3: View the tutrial on LearnZillion by clicking the link below

Step 4: As you watch the tutorial, pause it, and write down notes

You are done!

What do exponents look like?

Learnzillion Link