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Expository Essays: easy steps to a better essay

Expository Essays: easy steps to a better essay

Author: jason hood

Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.


Develop the topic thoroughly by selecting the most significant and relevant facts, extended definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples appropriate to the audience's knowledge of the topic

As per the assignment outline, there is no Objectives slot, so here are the standards in the Description. I have also listed the CCSS according to grade level, so 11th grade and/or 12th grade is the grade level target.

Also, the GOP Debate and the last video on Punctuation usage by College Humor are the same hyperlinks and embedded codes I used as videos in my slide show. I don't understand why they work here and not on the slide show.

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The Big Question

The intention of this site is to provide you all the tools necessary to write your expository essay.

This assignment involves you the student watching the 2nd GOP Debate.

You only need to watch the introduction and the candidates answering the first question. Yes, unfortunately it does take about 10 minutes to accomplish this part.

You are then asked to write an expository essay on any aspect of the video. This paper must meet the criteria explained in the video, How to Write an Expository Essay.

You may comment on a specific candidate, a comparison of two or more candidates or you could comment on the introduction and what was being present by the debate forum as a whole. As long as you are explain your understanding of the video with a clear presentation of how an expository essay is formatted. In summation, watch the video and then write your expository essay.

I have also included the logical fallacies video by PBS's Idea Channel, just in case you forgot about our class sessions discussing fallacies; in debates, discussions, arguments, lessons, etc. This is the bread and butter of your assignment. Make sure to justify your claims with some form of reference to one fallacy or many. Just make sure you are not committing a false claim yourself. Substantiate your argument with proof and clearly explain your position.

There is also a work cited source for making referencing easier and a resource which explains the expository essay in greater detail. Again, the intention of this site is to provide you all the tools necessary to write your expository essay.

Oh, and take the quiz and watch the punctuation video for giggles!!!

2nd GOP Debates: CNN-Your Money Your Vote

This video is the 2nd GOP debate by CNN. (0-9:30)
Because Sophia for Teachers only allows for YouTube videos, I am unable to submit any spliced version of the video. I would like for the viewer to watch only the first 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Or until Rand Paul gives his answer to the first question. You are encouraged to watch the rest of the video, but you are not required too for this assignment.

How to Write an Expository Essay

How to Write an Expository Essay

Source: YouTube/PowToons

PBS Idea Channel's - Logical Fallacies

Use these examples of logical fallacies to help develop your essays. These are complex subjects, but since we spent a class on each individual example presented, this should be a good summative review.

Source: PBS: Idea Channel: Fallacies

Further Resources: Purdue OWL

If you are still lost as to how to accomplish writing an expository essay, or need further explination of the writing process, this is a great refernce source.Purdue OWL

EasyBib: MLA Work Citing

This website is here to make the process of researching and referencing your sources easier, not less important. Infact, this tool should be used with the preface that you will most likely need to add information from the source in order to complete your referencing appropriately. This tool also makes it easier for your teacher to check your work. (Just incase you didn't put that together.) EasyBib Referencing Source

CollegeHumor: Hardly Working with Punctuation

This is a play on the use of punctuation. It has significance in that it presents just how important puctuation can be to you getting your message across to your audiance. This to to remind you just how important puctuation will be in this assignment (And I thought it was pretty funny). Use your puctuation with purpose, don't over use it or mistake your intent for how it reads. This stuff is hardwork and i think we all need a laugh once and a while. So that being said, Good Luck and give your best effort.

Source: CollegeHumor