3 Tutorials that teach Expressionism: Fauvism, The Bridge and the Blue Rider
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Expressionism: Fauvism, The Bridge and the Blue Rider

Expressionism: Fauvism, The Bridge and the Blue Rider

Author: Erin Aldana
This lesson will explore some movements associated with Expressionism.
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Notes on "Expressionism: Fauves, the Bridge, and the Blue Rider"

Key Terms


An art movement that is characterized by exaggerated and distorted forms and colors used by artists as a technique to increase an emotional reaction from the viewer.


A 20th-century experimental art movement, deriving from the French word fauve, meaning “wild beast”; distinguished by the use of bold colors and spontaneous brushstrokes.

The Bridge

A 20th-century German expressionistic art movement consisting of a group of artists whose work is characterized by distinctively bold colored landscapes and portraits.

The Blue Rider

An informal group of early 20th-century artists associated with Vasily Kandinsky and Franz Marc whose work was recognized for using abstracted forms and colors.


The experience of one sense as another; for example visually sensing sound.

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