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Extend Project 1 to use advanced data structures and support sorting on various keys.
Required data structure - the advanced data structure I want you to implement is a multi-tree with the following levels:
Cave - level 0
Party - Level 1
Creature - Level 2
Artifacts - Level 3
Treasures - Level 3
Use the Map class to support efficient instantiation linking of the classes used in Project 1.
Implement comparators to support sorting: 
creatures by (added fields) name, age, height, and weight
OR creatures by existing fields empathy, fear and carrying capacity
treasures by weight and value.
The sorting should be within the group - creatures within each party, treasures and artifacts carried by each creature.
Extend the GUI from Project 1 to allow the user to:
sort by the comparators defined in part 2.
Again, the GUI elements should be distinct from the other classes in the program.
Java source code files
any configuration files used
a well-written Word document describing:
your overall design, including a UML class diagram showing the type of the class relationships
description of how to set up your application
your test plan, including test data and results, with screen snapshots of each of your test cases
your approach, lessons learned, design strengths and limitations, and suggestions for future improvement and alternative approaches
Documentation format and length. The documentation describing and reflecting on your design and approach should be written using Microsoft WordCode format:
 header comment block
 appropriate comments within the code
 appropriate variable and function names
 correct indentation

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