Ezvid Tutorial - Sophia2

Ezvid Tutorial - Sophia2

Author: Amanda Warner
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What is Ezvid?

Ezvid is a free screen capture and video editing program. Users can create their own tutorial or instructional videos with this program, and the Ezvid interface allows for easy and seamless uploading of videos to YouTube so that they can be shared with others.

Ezvid Interface

Source: www.ezvid.com

Why would someone be interested in this particular tool?

Ezvid is a great and free alternative to popular screen capture programs like Snagit, and its simple and easy to use interface allows teachers and students of all ages to use it effectively.

Anyone can also use the program outside of the classroom. Ezvid will also record videos playing on the computer or games that are being played, making it ideal for creating gameplay tutorials for PC video games.

Fad or Evolution of Learning?

The creation and implementation of new technology is the evolution of learning and classroom instruction, and video editing and design is gaining in popularity in recent years. Teachers are able to connect with their students through websites like YouTube or other social media sites and keep assignments relevant to students’ interests.


One of the advantages of this software over similar programs is that it is free. High school students or schools with small budgets can use the program and make creative projects without worrying about purchasing expensive software tools.

Should eLearning professionals care?

Teachers and eLearning professionals should care about this software because it is easy to use and available to all of their students without cost. It is very easy to use, and students with little or even no knowledge of video editing software should have no trouble creating videos from their computers.

Example Application

One example of how this software could be applied is a student tutorial or presentation project. Ezvid allows users to record narration through audio or the use of a webcam, and students could create a video report using this software. This type of application is ideal for distance learning classes.


Ezvid is a simple and free screen capture and editing tool available to students and teachers. Professionals teaching distance learning or online courses will find this software perfect for presentation projects from students and will allow them to similarly interact with their students. The software is updated regularly and there are a number of tutorials on the website (www.ezvid.com) that will help students to create a creative and detailed video project in just a few easy steps.