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Fact vs. Opinion

Fact vs. Opinion


The objective of this tutorial is to be able to identify the difference between facts and opinions.


The following videos should help with deciding whether or not statements are facts or opinions.  There are examples given through YouTube videos and handouts from  This tutorial should be helpful to both parents and students.

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Fact Vs. Opinion

Purpose is to gain a better understanding of facts and opinions.

Fact Vs. Opinion

This video explains the difference between fact and opinion through a song.

Source: Published on Oct 27, 2012,

Fact vs. Opinion

Fact vs. Opinion

Source: Jessica Brewer,

Facts vs. Opinion Handy Handout

This handout will help parents review facts and opinions with their children.


Fact vs. Opinion Powerpoint

This PowerPoint explains facts and opinions and allows user to choose the correct answer.

Source: Marla Ann Weinstein,, free download