Author: Megan Lavery

To teach the basics of using Factoring Trees to prepare students for activities in a flipped classroom.

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Factoring: 4th Grade

This Sophia Tutorial gives all the information necessary for Factoring Trees. Follow this tutorial for homework. This includes watching the video, reading the images, and filling out the Google Form on WSQ.

This lesson is about prime factorizations with the Factor Tree, meaning that you proceed a step at a time.

At the beginning you are given a number, say N, which is to be factored and two boxes beneath it. The boxes are to be filled with two numbers, say, N1 and N2 - factors of N - such that N = N1 × N2.


Watch this video about factor trees. Then complete the Google Form that is imbedded below.

Parts of a Factoring Tree

This is a breakdown of the different parts of a factoring tree. 



Things to Remember:

Remember the divisibility rules.

  • An even number is divisible by 2.
  • A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3.
  • The number that ends in 5 is divisible by 5.
  • A number that ends in 10 is divisible by 10.

WSQ- Watch, Summarize, Question- Factoring Trees

Please fill out this form about the video you have watched.

Thank you!

Thank you for completing this Sophia Tutorial. You should now be prepared to do the activities scheduled for class tomorrow. If you need more help, make sure I include your Questions from the Google Form you filled out.

For any questions email me at laverym12@gmail.com

 -Miss Lavery