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Factoring causes, events and effects

Factoring causes, events and effects

Author: Anna Ridgeway

To become familiar with the factors of 'Political, 'Social' and 'Economic' and be able to exemplify.

This is designed to help support class learning regarding the causes, events and effects of the French Revolution.

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Overview of the tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to get you thinking about factoring causes, events and effects.  These factors can be categorized into things like political, economic and social.  There are many others too, but for today, we are just going to concentrate on these three.

Tutorial Instructions

Listen to a description of the factors political, economic and social. This audio recording will also give you instructions on how to complete each section of the tutorial. If you have any questions, you can type them in the box at the bottom of your screen and your teacher will get back to you.

Source: Mrs Ridgeway

The Politics of Aid - social, economic and political factors.

Source: YouTube Velma2008

The Politics of Aid

This worksheet is designed for you to use whilst watching the YouTube clip. Make a note of when you see or hear something that is either a social, a political or an economic factor. Record your findings on the worksheet - or you can design one yourself. Press on the icon with the down arrow (3rd from left) to download the document as a PDF.


Source: Mrs Ridgeway

QUIZ - Political, Economic or Social?

Take this quick multiple choice quiz to see how much you can recall.

Source: Mrs Ridgeway quiz

Now lets take a bit more of a challenging quiz on  Your teacher will post up the class code onto NetClassroom (or you can write it down in your planner).  Choose the quiz called 'Political, Social or Economic'.  I'll be checking to see how well you did!  Good luck!